RAXO All-mode K2 is a professional news module that shows your K2 information in an attractive way. The extension will be very beneficial for sites with lots of content. Powerful features and various options let you to apply this module for a wide range of tasks. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or think that something you want is lacking.

Module Favorite Features

Friendly administration panel

Friendly Administration Panel

This module will become your favorite one for its perfect balance between wide functionality and easy use. We managed to create a powerful professional extension and still keep it simple and intuitive. Administration panel has a clean and user friendly interface that lets you effortlessly navigate through the module options.

TOP Items

TOP Items & Regular Items

Module output can be divided into two logical groups: TOP items and regular items. Emphasize the most important news by creating particular views for TOP items with larger text and bigger thumbnails. Besides, TOP and regular items can have their own sets of content elements like date, author, hits, number of comments, rating, etc.

Filter options

Content Filtering

Enjoy a truly wide range of filter options to specify the content selected.

  • Featured items: included/excluded/show only featured items;
  • Retrieve items from a specified time interval, allows you show news for the last e.g. 30 days;
  • Exclude some items by ID;
  • Show or hide intros of non-public items.
Thumbnail creation

Auto Thumbnail Creation

The module automatically finds images in your items. All you need is just to set the width and height you want and the module will generate thumbnails for your K2 articles.

  • Thumbnail source selection;
  • Control thumbnail size by defining width & height parameters;
  • Resize/crop images preserving aspect ratio;
  • Use default images for articles that have no images.
K2 tags support

Displaying Items by K2 Tag

The module provides an easy way to display items filtered by K2 tags. K2 Tags is a popular method to control and organize items other than through standard K2 categories.
For the convenience of module users K2 tags are formed as an ordered list. So you do not need to remember all the tags on your site, just select the ones you want from the existing list.

Versatile ordering options

Versatile Ordering Options

Arrange your items exactly as you need (up to 17 variants of ordering). Besides usual orderings our module provides some very special ordering options:

  • By date: created date or modification date;
  • Most popular or most rated;
  • Most commented or latest commented;
  • Random ordering.
Content elements

Content Elements

Flexibly manage content elements: title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, etc. Add or remove them from the module output to make each module block unique. Depending on the purpose, use a different set of content elements for each module copy on your site.

Template Support

Template Support

One content, many looks! Template usage is an amazing feature this module is loved for. You get one extension, but it can look absolutely different depending on design needs. Use existing templates or customize your own templates to fit the module into your website and make it look attractive.

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Need More?

  • Comment System Supported

    Besides the standart K2 Comments this module supports the most famous and popular external commenting systems:
    JComments, JA Comment, Komento, CComment.

  • Show Non-Public Content

    Show short teasers of access restricted items for all site visitors. When clicking read more link users that don't have the required permission will be redirected to login page.

  • Smart Title and Text Limitation

    You can limit title and text by characters. The great thing is that words are not cut no matter what number of characters you set.

  • Display Module Inside an Article

    Sometimes it's useful to have a module listing embedded within an item body, and you easily can do that by using loadposition trick.

  • Skipped Items

    You can exclude some items so that not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy.

  • Put an Article Anywhere on Your Site

    You can display a single or several items anywhere on your site in module positions.

  • Option to Hide Module on Article Pages

    It's an utterly useful feature when you want to show the module on category page, but want to hide it on article pages that belong to this category.

  • Save Allowed Tags When Cleaning Up Code

    You can save some tags when cleaning up (X)HTML code. Sometimes it's important to preserve links or bold text format in your item.

  • 4 Built-in Templates

    The module comes with 4 professionally designed templates. They are very flexible & fully responsive and actually cover the most demanded needs.

  • External Image Support

    The module can also create thumbnails from images located on other domains, image hostings or social network sites.

  • Module Multicopy Usage

    Module supports several copies with the same or different templates on one page.

  • High Performance

    Highly optimized module code and thumbnail caching make for better server performance on busy sites.

  • Client Side Optimization

    Expires header feature makes thumbnails be cached by the browser. This increases manyfold module load speed when attending the site regularly.

  • Exact Order

    Display items by the exact order of items IDs you set manually in the module admin panel.

  • Display K2 items from one/several categories or just separate articles
  • Limit number of items displayed in the module
  • Editable "Read more" text
  • Editable "Show all" button (you can change the text and the link)
  • Customizable date format
  • Clean (X)HTML in content
  • Friendly SEF URLs supported
  • Support for content in any language
  • Well-commented code in template files for easy understanding & flexible customization
  • K2 content plugins support
  • Support for images from content plugins
  • Removal of unused plugin code
  • Tableless design and 100% CSS-based
  • Valid (X)HTML and CSS code
  • SEO friendly thumbnails with ALT and TITLE attributes
  • Transparent PNG Images Supported

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Module Quick Info

Latest version
RAXO All-mode K2 J3.x
ver 1.5 ( what's new? )
Language Packs
RAXO All-mode K2 modules are designed to show items from K2, the powerful content extension for Joomla!

What our clients say:

It's the only extension I paid and really I did not find any reason to read documents (very easy to use) or contact the support (very stable).

I would like to say thank you so much as you remove huge headache from my side after I pay for this cool extension.

Tariq Hamed, United Arab Emirates

I must say that RAXO has developed a good and robust tool to display K2 news with very cool features you won't find anywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised to get 3 design variants for module output. It took me only 15 minutes to acquire, install and get the module to work.

Plus the support is just awesome. I contacted support with my specific task. Within a day I received a qualified answer and ready to use solution for my case.

Thanks a lot to the developers of this great module. Highly recommended.

Leonid Radkevich, Russia