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[FAQ] How to ask questions to get quick support

Posted: Oct 19, 2010 10:31 am
by Lisa
The more accurate and concrete information you give us, the quicker you get the solution. 90% of support requests are solved within minutes.
Make sure that you provide us the following information:
  • State clearly what is the problem. Give accurate description of the issue, when it occurs. If there are some problems – ask one per request.
  • Description or screenshot how it should be without the problem.
  • The most important - Link to the site page where you have the issue. If you don’t have a live site, send us a copy of that page. To detect what’s wrong we must see the code of the page with a problem.
  • Screenshots of the module administration panel.
Let the information you provide be excessive. It’s much worse when your request gives us zero information on the problem.