Category filter in module

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Category filter in module

Post by CyrusXxX » Feb 01, 2019 10:09 pm

Hello dear support I am planning to expand use of your perfect module for joomla with few module layouts and I need just one question answered before I do.
For example on my website under article I have module displaying articles from few related categories with possibility for users to click on category button and articles get displayed accordingly here is the screenshot:

Now when I look at layouts I see that pagination layout, rational and even portal layout fit the purpose but I need to know can I display category filter in them or any other layout you have.

Thank you!

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Re: Category filter in module

Post by Admin » Feb 02, 2019 10:29 am

The module has a filter by category. But you need to distinguish between the backend and frontend capabilities of the module.
So in the module settings (backend) you can very flexibly manage the filter by categories:
Current Category, Selected Categories, All Categories

As for the frontend (what you see on your site), then there is no filter by category. The module only displays the category name with a link. It depends more on the module layout and its capabilities, but in our layouts there is no such option.

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