[FAQ] Access to support and forum

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[FAQ] Access to support and forum

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Clients can ask questions and get support
on the forum https://www.raxo.org/forum/
or by email [email protected]

You can sent support questions by email immediately after the purchase, even before you get full forum access.

You’ll get help from our professional staff within 24 - 48 hour response time, Monday till Friday.

Who has access to support
Clients who bought one of RAXO modules:
RAXO All-mode PRO or RAXO All-mode K2
RAXO Related Articles or RAXO Related K2 Items

Since support is provided for 1 year, make sure your module purchase is not older than 1 year.

If your module purchase is expired, you can keep using the module as long and you want. However if you need updates and support - just renew your module purchase.

How to identify yourself as a client

1 purchase is tied to 1 person and to 1 email

So always use the same email that you used to buy the module. This rule is true when you send support requests by email or when you register on the forum.

Access to support forum
We do not bother you with any registrations before you make a purchase. But you need to register on our forum to get support: Forum Registration

Be sure to register with the same email you used to buy one of our modules.

Your forum account will be moved to the customer group within 24 hours.
If you didn't get access during 24 hours - please write to [email protected].
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Some questions and answers

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Always use the same email you used to buy the module
We strongly recommend everyone to use the e-mail you bought the module with.
In this case it's easier for us to identify you, and it faster for you to get the support.

I bought the module but I don't have forum access
First you must be registered. So, please, register on our support forum with the email you used to buy a module. After we check that you are an actual customer, we’ll move you to the customer group with full forum access.
Note. We have a standard forum registration with e-mail confirmation. So check all folders (including spam) in your email box.

I bought additional module layout - can I get access to support?
Module layouts cannot work separately, they are part of RAXO modules. Any question regarding module layouts are in fact questions about the module settings and module work. That's why support for additional products like RAXO layouts (e.g. RAXO Prime, RAXO Pagination, RAXO Portal, etc.) requires actual (not expired) module purchase.

I want to use another e-mail
If you need to use another e-mail, please write us a message, identify yourself as a customer (send us your Reference Number) from the email you used to buy our module and ask to change the email to a new one. So we will tie your account to the email you tell us.
Note: in this case the previous e-mail becomes invalid for support and updates.
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