Plugin: RAXO Insert Position

RAXO Insert Position

Add Module Position to Joomla Articles

Compatible with: Joomla 4 and Joomla 3

RAXO Insert Position is a lightweight Joomla plugin that allows you to add module positions in Joomla article content area. With this plugin you can place module positions before and after article content, and even inside article content after the paragraph you specify. These are great places to remind your readers about something you want them to do, a special promotion you are running, suggest related articles, etc.

Plugin Highlights

3 Available Positions in Joomla Article

You can create and use up to 3 module positions inside your Joomla article content - "before-content", "after-content" and "inside-content". You are free to use any of them, or display two or three module positions at the same time.

Positions Appear Only if Used

These smart module positions will appear only if you actually place a module inside. Another great feature - this plugin fully supports module menu assignment settings. So you can flexibly manage on what pages you want to see modules.

Place Any Module Inside Article

With this plugin you can easily place AdSense or other advertisement modules, email subscription module, announcements for client, custom HTML module, social share modules (or whatever other modules you have) inside your Joomla article content to attract users' attention to important things.

Class Names for Individual Module Styling

Plugin has predefined class names to let you manage position design as well as the design of the module located inside the position. Beside, you can add your own CSS class names for individual module styling.

Why this plugin stands out of the crowd:

It inserts module positions automatically directly inside your articles. No efforts from you required, no need to add manually any {plugin} code to your articles. Literally, this is the next level of Joomla usability and convenience because this plugin does all the job for your.

How to Use It:

  • Enable content plugin RAXO Insert Position in plugin manager.
  • Configure plugin to add e.g. after content module position.
  • Go to module manager and place any module in "after-content" position.
  • Now you'll see the published module at the bottom of your articles.
Read detailed instruction.

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This useful content plugin works with core Joomla content component and K2 content component.

Plugin Quick Info

Latest version
RAXO Insert Position J4.x
ver 2.00 ( what's new? )
RAXO Insert Position J3.x
ver 1.02 ( what's new? )
Language Packs
Joomla 4.x and Joomla 3.x
This plugin works with content components:
Content (com_content)
K2 (com_k2)