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RAXO All-mode K2 v1.8

The purpose of this update is to provide you a range of changes that you might not notice, but they are important and will improve your module usage experience. The most exciting though is a new look of Bricks layout. This layout gets support for TOP items and becomes even more diverse.

RAXO All-mode PRO v1.8

The issue with bugless extenstions is that everything works great and basically no updates needed. That's why we have to come up with something new. This update will bring you one big new feature and a range of little module improvements.

RAXO Prime Layout

Whether you create news website or online magazine or personal blog — RAXO news module + Prime module layout are the best things for your Joomla site.

RAXO All-mode K2 J3.x v1.7

We want to end our summer vacations with the release of RAXO All-mode K2 module that many of you have been asking about. You have already seen how fast thumbnails work and how cool they look in the latest version of our PRO module. Now you want the same changes to your RAXO news module for K2. So here you are.

RAXO All-mode PRO v1.7

We are very happy to announce a new release of the popular news module RAXO All-mode PRO. By using this module version (v1.7) your site will benefit from faster loading and better looking thumbnails in the module output. Welcome inside for more details.

Update for RAXO Related Articles and RAXO Related K2 Items

We are happy to announce the next versions of RAXO Related Articles and RAXO Related K2 Items modules. You get some new cool features - ordering by most relevant items, better looking and much faster loading thumbnails. See the details inside.

New version of

Today a new version of our own site goes live. The mainpage got a brand new design that (we hope) tells major things about us at the first glance - what Joomla products we develop and how they can help you. We also improved navigation to make it easy to find the information you may need.

Update for RAXO Related Articles and RAXO Related K2 Items

This time we announce updates for both modules RAXO Related Articles and RAXO Related K2 Items. The most important about this release is a new extremely useful feature that many of our clients are waiting for. Starting with this update these RAXO modules have an option to exclude some tags. It means the tags selected will be ignored by the module when searching for related articles. The same option is available for meta keywords.