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RAXO Portal - Module Layout

We created this template with content rich websites in mind, such as MSN.com, CNN.com and Guardian.co.uk. All-mode Portal template is well-suited for news portals, magazines and sites with lots of content that is organized in many categories. Group compactly a large amount of news and save valuable space on main page or section page of your site.

Create info blocks for different sections or topics and adjust them flexibly. You can choose number of news, set text length, use different combinations of additional fields (such as date, author, hits, etc) and assign different functions for each block separately.

Lightweight design, superb functionality and easy use of this template turn your current sections, categories and articles into a serious looking news portal, compared to best examples in the field.

Portal Layout Screenshot

All-mode Portal is the ideal solution for any site displaying news content with images.

Get professional Joomla news portal within minutes

Superb design and verified typography makes your  news portal or magazine look amazing even without images.

Your news portal looks great with just text information

You can manage every informational block separately and assign different views and functions. It's very useful for news portals with various categories, you can adjust every module block so that serve the purposes of each  thematic category.

Manage flexibly every informational block

Portal Layout Features

  • Aimed at sites with rich content (news portals, magazines, etc.)
  • Flexible layout that allows you easily adjust this template
  • Professional design and great typography
  • Advanced style and function control
  • Nice smooth fade effect (jQuery) when switching between additional news pages
  • It comes with 9 color schemes: 1 default and 8 additional
    to change color use Module Class Suffix: portal-color1, portal-color2 ... portal-color8
  • Flexible when enabling/disabling fields like title, author, date, read more etc.
  • Supports multiple copies on the same page
  • The template is ready to use (no need CSS or coding knowledge)
  • Easy installation through Joomla installation interface

Portal Layout $14.95

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