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Add ONE MORE layout to your RAXO module.

Pagination Module Layout

All-mode Pagination template offers your site visitors quick and convenient navigation through content displayed by RAXO modules. It's a useful nice-to-have-feature for your Joomla site.

The more organized your web-sites are, the easier it is for users to follow your arguments and get the message you are trying to deliver. And pagination allows you to structure information, reduce complexity and improve readability.

This template can be used on news portals, portfolios, catalogues or any other sites with lots of contents.

Pagination Layout Screenshot

You can find the right combination of fields and image size to suit your site.

Feel free to customize

Professional view and simple structure allows this template look perfect even without images.

Looks nice with just text information

This feature lets you make different paginated lists for different tasks on the same page.

Multiple paginated lists on the same page

Pagination Layout Features

  • Clean and stylish design with great typography
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Next/Prev navigation elements
  • Flexible while enabling/disabling fields like title, author, date, read more etc.
  • Nice fading effect when moving from one page to another
  • Supports multiple paginated lists on the same page
  • The template is ready to use (no need CSS or coding knowledge)
  • Easy installation through Joomla installation interface

Pagination Layout $14.95

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