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I am an old and fan customer of RAXO modules. I am not a professional developer, it's my hobby is construct websites. For me this module is the number one to display news because it's simple, effective and gives professional results. Besides, it's convenient that I can choose among the module template.

Maria Amparo Peiro Gomez

Have to say, this is still by far the best module for displaying content in a professional way on any Joomla website.

RAXO module works out of the box, is very simple to setup, and offers us a way to deliver our site content in numerous ways to our visitors. Keep up the good work.

Simon Ormesher
United Kingdom

The extension is exactly working as described. Within several minutes the module was enabled and working like a charm. Even the support is quick, as it should be!

Martijn de Groot

Total newbie to Joomla, bought RAXO All-mode PRO and one template in a desperate attempt to get the layout look I wanted. Ended up buying two more templates after seeing how easy it was to use, and how great it looks on the site. Support is excellent!

Hope the developers do MORE extensions because I'll be one of the first to buy them!

Jill Williams
United States

it's true - this extension is excellent. I purchased it few days ago and used for my news-portal. Now all work at frontpage is automatically - tuned it and forgot. And now my site look like as major sites.

Thanks to RAXO!

Semen S.

Hi, I,m working on latest joomla version and everything works fine, I've got additional template too, Very easy to customize to your needs, and most importantly it looks cool, this is what I was looking for.

Help is quick and businesslike, it is a pleasure to work with such partners!

Marcin Broniszewski

It's the only extension I paid and really I did not find any reason to read documents (very easy to use) or contact the support (very stable).

I would like to say thank you so much as you remove huge headache from my side after I pay for this cool extension.

Tariq Hamed
United Arab Emirates

Perhaps the best extension I have used to date and the support is exceptional. Support went way beyond what I would have expected and I can't say enough.

If I had known of this extension earlier it could have saved me countless hours. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't think twice about it, this is a must have extension.

Kerry Dulin
United States

I have been searching for months for a module like this. When I actually found it I was blown away. Simple said , I think it's amazing piece of code and the responses for the new look of the page where "it so much better", "this is great" and so on. It only takes a few minutes to figure out all settings in the module and you're ready to go.

I'm really glad to be a customer and I hope I see more so good joomla components/modules/plugins :D from RAXO.

Petrik Bašić

I've been looking for one this versatile for a long time as no other has ever quite done just what I really needed. The best part of all may be that I feel confident my clients can handle the parameters on their own once I turn over their site to them.


"Limited only by your imagination" is a realistic slogan for this module. Simple but powerful at the same time. I installed the module with the default template 10 times on different positions on the frontpage and the site loads as fast as ever. The additional templates are fabulous but the 3 built-in templates give you enough flexibility to meet your needs and imagination.

Keep it up RAXO!

Salvatore Debono

One of the best Joomla module ever. If you sell products or write news, it is the best solution to show in front page. Special its many module template in ajax and very attractive to see. All is CSS valid. Support is very good ans fast. Most recommend.

Czech Republic

RAXO All-mode PRO finally does to the news what Joomla should have built in - a great way to show them. The flexibility of the system feels amazing and my site finally looks professional.

Thank you RAXO!

Kimmo Helle

We have been using RAXO news module on our site right from the beginning and we love it!

We have about 30 different usages for it throughout the site.

Andrew Sampson
United Kingdom

One of the best extensions for Joomla! Content, ever.

Marco Floriano

Super flexible, extensible and versatile. You no longer have to maintain a bunch of modules. Just extend this one to have more views. Thank you.

Tiraporn Olsen
United States

I have to say, you REALLY can build what ever content module you can possible imagine with this thing! I call it a thing cause it really is indescribable. Best feature I like - you can assign an individual default image to each piece of content. This was key in order to maintain my site's design integrity - not every piece of content that comes into my site has an image attached to it.

Also, the template feature of this module is absolutely the best. Thanks again and keep up the good work


We've been using this Module for a few weeks and it's so easy to customise. We've just bought the additional pagination and it's great.

Unlike some free plug-ins where we've emailed for support and got nothing back, RAXO support is the best, they are very quick to get back and any issues are quickly resolved.

We highly recommend it.

Janice Chapman
United Kingdom

You have created a fantastic application, helpful for any developer using Joomla, but i think your support is as fantastic as the application!

Thank you very much!

Andreas Pompatziis

Am loving the module to bits, it is really fun to play with and it gets easier as you go!

Suzanne Day

The RAXO team showed great professionalism and willingness to help their customers.

Easy to install and easy to use, the product is recommended to increase professional-looking websites.

Raffaele Longo