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Add ONE MORE layout to your RAXO module.

RAXO Grid - Module Layout

Today's web users want web pages to be increasingly more interactive. From this point of view we created our new template All-mode Grid which allows users change layouts. This ability gives your site visitors a more immersive experience and allows them to consume information easy and fast, either with a quick gallery view, or a detailed summary view.

Grid Layout Screenshot

This feature lets you have separate blocks for categories on the same page.

Multiple module copies on the same page

This template has black color theme, so it totally suppports dark sites.

Perfectly suits light and dark sites

Superb design and verified typography makes your site news look amazing even without images.

Your news looks great with just text info

Two ready-to-use layouts in one template

The template has two really cool views that you can switch between at any time - from compact (grid) to extended (list) view. Grid view represents information in some kind of a gallery format which is compact and easy to navigate. List view reveals more details to your site visitors without necessity to leave the current page.

Template work visual explanation

All-mode Grid template has a powerful combination of useful features which makes it extremely functional and valuable. Please, read this blog post to get an accurate and deep understanding how it works and how helpful it can be for your site.

Grid Layout Features

  • Professional design and great typography
  • Two layouts in one template
  • Remembers preferred view by using cookies
  • You can set the view by default (grid or list)
  • Responsive design
  • Flexible when enabling/disabling fields like author, date, comments, etc.
  • jQuery fade effect when switching between list and grid views
  • Number of http requests is minimized due to Data URLs usage
  • 10 ready color schemes
  • Ready icon sets for white & black color modes
  • Supports several independent copies on the same page

Grid Layout $14.95

This additional module layout can work only as part of RAXO modules.
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