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RAXO Newsbreak - Module Layout

There is a recent trend in web-design to use loud colors, large indents, big and bold fonts. It looks massive and not every site can use this approach. As alternative to this we created a lightweight and professionally looking theme All-mode Newsbreak.

We applied original style for news showcase which will refresh your standard looking news blocks. Carefully picked colors and their balance make this template look natural. Also we accurately verified every piece of this theme: element sizes, font styles and indents.

Alternately colored background stripes make this layout very ergonomic. Dignified style of the whole template presents your content in a very favorable manner — attractive and easy to read.

This template is perfect for strict business or corporate sites. Though universal appeal of this layout allows you find a use practically everywhere.

Newsbreak Layout Screenshot

All-mode Newsbreak looks awesome with lots of just text information. The superb design is lightweight and ergonomic which makes such lists easy to read. Use different colors to display articles from different categories.

Nice view on content-heavy sites

Use different variations of this template, e.g. TOP items only. This layout is perfect for the central part of your site. Change image size and combination of fields to get the best result.

Make your site look professional

You easily create simple but eye-catching lists to navigate your site visitors through the most important and interesting content. Note: your site template should have the respective module positions.

Eye-catching blocks for site footer

Newsbreak Layout Features

  • Ergonomic and clean professional design
  • Original manner of presenting news
  • Rounded corners with CSS3 make the template lightweight
  • Flexible when enabling/disabling fields like author, date, comments etc.
  • 10 color schemes
    to change a color scheme use Module Class Suffix: newsbreak-red, newsbreak-green ...
  • The width of the news block is not fixed and is set automatically
  • Supports several copies on the same page
  • The template is a ready-to-use solution (no need CSS or coding knowledge)
  • Easy installation through Joomla installation interface

Newsbreak Layout $14.95

This additional module layout can work only as part of RAXO modules.
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RAXO Newsbreak J5 & J4
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Joomla 5, Joomla 4 & Joomla 3
RAXO All-mode PRO
RAXO All-mode K2
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