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RAXO Newsbreak Layout Updated

We are pleased to announce a big update for this clean and very usable layout. A huge number of changes have been made, in fact, this layout has been completely redone. The most important thing you should know - this version is compatible with all RAXO modules, including modules for Joomla 4.

New features:

  • Now available for two more RAXO modules:
    RAXO Related Articles & RAXO Related K2 Items;
  • Added display of intro text for regular items;
  • Color schemes updated and expanded to 10 options;
  • Added support for Block Name, Block Intro & Block Button fields;
  • Compatible with modules for Joomla 4.


  • Layout renamed from allmode-newsbreak to raxo-newsbreak
  • New vector icon for better results on high-density screens;
  • Redesigned to be cleaner and more contrasting;
  • Semantic <article> HTML5 tag is used to specify items;
  • Much more responsive & flexible behavior thanks to the use of flexbox.
  • Moved to alternative PHP syntax, as it is easier to read when mixing HTML and PHP;
  • Increased font size and line-height for text and headings;
  • Removed strict font family assignment for text and headings;
  • Fixed faded texts in tooltips in Joomla 4 admin panel.

Visit RAXO Newsbreak layout page