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RAXO Insert Position v3.00 compatible with Joomla 5

We are happy to announce that our plugin is fully compatible with the latest Joomla 5 version. If you are considering upgrading your site to Joomla 5, you can do so with confidence knowing that our software supports this new release without any issues.

UPDATE: RAXO Insert Position J5 - version 3.00

New features:


  • Improved counting of article paragraphs regardless of the counting direction
    (from the beginning or from the end of the article);
  • Fix incompatibility of multiline language constants in Joomla 4.4.1 & Joomla 5.0.1;
  • All untranslated text has been replaced by language constants.

Fully compatible with the new Joomla 5 structure

RAXO Insert Position is a native Joomla 5 extension, supports the new structure, and does not require a Backward Compatibility plugin for it to work.

RAXO Insert Position - successful installation on Joomla 5.