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Module RAXO All-mode PRO v2.03 compatible with Joomla 5

Joomla! project is moving forward, and continues to follow its vision to produce a new major version every two years. So now we can welcome Joomla 5, which brings a whole bunch of new cool features, security and code improvements, and increased speed.

To keep up with Joomla's schedule, we are releasing a new RAXO All-mode PRO module compatible with Joomla 5. Everything inside Joomla 5 has been redesigned, rethought and refactored, but moving to this version of the module is a simple upgrade, not a complex migration.

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RAXO All-mode PRO J4 - version 2.03 - compatible with Joomla 5 and Joomla 4
RAXO All-mode PRO J3 - version 1.12 - compatible with Joomla 3

New features:


New article options Start and Finish Featured are supported

If you go to the Publish section of an edited article, you will find two options: Start Featured and Finish Featured. These options are responsible for the Featured state of the article. If a date and time are specified in them, the article will be automatically switched to Featured / Unfeatured state in the future.

New article options Start and Finish Featured are supported

Fixed a two warnings in Maintenance: Database

In this version we tried to finally solve one old problem originating from Joomla 3. This applies only to those users who used the module on their sites on Joomla 3 and then went through a migration to Joomla 4 or Joomla 5. After that, they could see annoying database errors.

Joomla Admin Panel - System - Maintenance - Database page, the following warnings appear:

Warning: Attempt to read property "schemapath" on null in 
.../public_html/administrator/components/com_installer/src/Model/DatabaseModel.php on line 180
Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in 
.../public_html/administrator/components/com_installer/src/Model/DatabaseModel.php on line 180

In Joomla 3 we used an internal method to update the database using records in the #__schemas table and separate SQL files for each module version. Even though we no longer use this update method in Joomla 4, it started causing this strange error. All because of unnecessary, no longer used rows in the J3 database that were moved to J4 during migration.

This version of the module implements an additional check that removes outdated module update data from the __schemes table and resolves the error.