Module: RAXO All-mode PRO

RAXO All-mode PRO

Display News Module for Joomla!

Compatible with: Joomla 5, 4 and 3 Content component

RAXO All-mode PRO is the most powerful and comprehensive tool to display Joomla news and articles. Great functionality and easy use give you complete freedom to display Joomla content any way you want. Do anything with your content — select, filtrate, sort out, and display exactly what you need in a gorgeous view.

No more need to search and install dozens of specialized extensions. RAXO All-mode PRO saves your time and efforts as it replaces such add-ons like "latest news", "popular content", "random articles", "most commented events", etc. This module easily covers all common needs and near to all specific needs. That's why it will be helpful on any Joomla site, from big news portals and magazines to simple personal sites.

Lots of positive comments and feedback as well as thousands of really great sites made with this module prove that RAXO All-mode PRO is a must-have tool for every Joomla developer.

Module Highlights

Friendly administration panel

Friendly Administration Panel

This module will become your favorite one for its perfect balance between wide functionality and easy use. We managed to create a powerful professional extension and still keep it simple and intuitive. Administration panel has a clean and user friendly interface with helpful tooltips that lets you effortlessly navigate through the module options.

TOP Items

TOP Items & Regular Items

Module output can be divided into two logical groups: TOP articles and regular articles. Emphasize the most important news by creating particular views for TOP articles with larger text and bigger thumbnails. Besides, TOP and regular articles can have their own sets of content elements like date, author, hits, number of comments, rating, etc.

Wide range of filter settings

Many Content Filters

Enjoy a truly wide range of filter settings you hardly ever find elsewhere. Filters help you to pick your content flexibly.

  • Filter by Joomla tags
  • Filter by author or author alias
  • Show articles from a certain date range
  • Featured articles filter
  • Exclude some articles by ID
  • Show/hide teasers of non-public articles
  • Hide currently viewed article
Rich ordering options

Rich Ordering Options

Arrange your articles exactly as you need (up to 16 ordering variants). Besides common orderings, our module provides some very special ordering options:

  • Flexible ordering by date: creation date, modification date or start publishing date
  • Most popular or most rated articles
  • Most commented or latest commented
  • Direct Joomla ordering
  • Random ordering
Thumbnail creation

Auto Thumbnail Creation

The module automatically finds images in your articles. All you need is just to set the width and height you want and the module will generate thumbnails for your Joomla articles.

  • Thumbnail source selection;
  • Control thumbnail size by defining width & height parameters;
  • Resize/crop images preserving aspect ratio;
  • Use default images for articles that have no images.
Control any content element

Full Control over Content Elements

Manage flexibly content elements: title, thumbnail, date, text, author, hits, etc. Add or remove them from the module output to make each module block unique. Depending on the purpose, use a different set of content elements for each module copy on your site.

  • Clickable category names
  • Show number of comments
  • Display article rating using stars
  • Smart text limitation by characters

How You Can Use This Tool

RAXO All-mode PRO is a professional developer tool. It's functionality covers nearly all types of sites from full-scale and content heavy news portals or business and corporate sites to personal blogs or portfolios. Our module makes your site dynamic and versatile. Feel free to ask us if you have any doubts or think that something you want is lacking.

See Usage Examples from Customer Websites

Module Layouts

Layout (module template) usage is an amazing feature this module is loved for. You get one extension, but it can look absolutely different depending on your design or task needs.

When buying this module you get not only a premium quality tool to work with Joomla content. We also give you four awesome module layouts that you can use right out of the box. The layouts have superb design that matches practically any site and, as our clients say, immediately makes it look professional. These layouts are universal, fully responsive and have absolutely flexible structure. So you can apply them for various tasks and purposes. Our experience show that RAXO built-in module layouts cover around 90% of client demands.

Built-in Layouts

This module comes with four professionally designed built-in layouts. They are ready to use right out of the box (no coding skills needed). These universal and fully responsive layouts cover most of the site needs.

Your Own Layouts

This cool option is especially beneficial for web developers and HTML/CSS skilled people. You can create your own module layouts to fit your specific site design needs. Just follow our tutorials.

Additional Layouts

If you want more module layouts, yet, for some reason, cannot make your own, we can offer our unique and original additional layouts for reasonable prices.

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Module Quick Info

Latest Version
RAXO All-mode PRO J5 J4
ver 2.04 ( what's new? )
RAXO All-mode PRO J3
ver 1.12 ( what's new? )
Language Packs
Joomla 5, Joomla 4 and Joomla 3
RAXO All-mode PRO modules are designed to show articles from the core Joomla content component only.