Latest News and Extension Updates

RAXO Related Articles Update

Today we release a new version of RAXO Related Articles Joomla module. Main thing you gain with this update is date filtration options. These new filters will be of much use on your Joomla site because they will let you form dynamically changing list of related articles that will always provide a fresh set of related content. See more details inside.

Multipurpose K2 content module

Today our clients receive a new release of RAXO All-mode K2 J3.x module. The most important things in this update are new author filters. We substantially expanded this option and now you can filter K2 items by author or author alias. Read the blog post to get more details about new module features and improvements.

Multipurpose Joomla content module

Today we are announcing a new release of RAXO All-mode PRO J3.x. With this update your RAXO module gets some new great features. One of the most important things — author filter has been substantially expanded and now you can filtrate articles by author or author alias. Read the blog post to get more details about this and other new features.

Joomla sites showcase

In the second report I'd like to show you how great RAXO modules work for big news portals made with Joomla. You'll see how they help to present good amount of news and articles on the site's main page to make it informative and keep site users attracted. Welcome to viewing.

Joomla sites showcase

RAXO modules are successfully used on thousands of sites worldwide and I regularly discover new projects that have benefited from using our products. My plan is to look at websites that showcase RAXO module application in any variation. I'm very proud to say that our modules not only make it easy to form your Joomla site's main page or category pages, to improves site's usability, but also the module templates organically match nearly any site. We did our best to produce great products and now it's a pleasure to see how they change Joomla sites of our clients for the better.

Joomla! 2.5.28

On December 10th Joomla! Project released the final version of Joomla 2.5 - it's v2.5.28. The official support for Joomla 2.5 is announced to be over on December 31, 2014. It looks like now it's the right time to move to Joomla 3.x for a range of reasons.

Joomla Hosting

Your Joomla site is slow and you have performance problems? 500 Errors? Annoying server overload notifications? We had the same complaints until we moved to a new hosting specially designed for Joomla. After a full year experience with this company we undoubtedly can give a top rank recommendation to SiteGround hosting.

Display news module for K2

We are happy to announce a new release of this popular K2 content module. The purpose of this update is to give you the same important improvements made recently for our newest RAXO All-mode K2 J3.x module. Specifically, all the built-in templates have been totally refurbished and now all of them are fully responsive. And the most exciting in this update is a new free pinterest-like template All-mode Bricks. Enjoy the new functions and views.