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Update for RAXO Related K2 Items module

We are happy to announce a new release of RAXO Related K2 Items. Due to close interaction with our clients we've discovered more about K2 component and its specific features. The new knowledge let us adjust RAXO Related K2 Items module to work better with this component. See more about the important improvements inside.


Include or Exclude any K2 Categories

RAXO Related K2 Items modules provides you with several options how to find similar articles: by tags, by keywords, same author. Besides those, you can specify in which categories the module should search for related content. So the module lets you be very flexible when deciding what to suggest your site visitors and what not.

One of our clients contacted us with a category filtration problem that occurred if articles had several tags. Worth mentioning that this client has a pretty big K2 site with more than 24,000 articles and around 14,000 tags. Such a big database helped us quickly localize the problem and fix it.

"Thank you very much for your help - so we both learned and can be happy in the end." — Christian.

K2 Inserts Item Tags in Metatag Keywords

K2 has a latent feature that few people are aware of - if an article has no keyword, but has some tags, these tags are inserted in metatag keywords field. So when the module used keywords from this field to find other keyword matches, its search results were incorrect because of this strange K2 thing these keywords were not real keywords, they were article tags! Taking in account this K2 peculiarity, we adjusted RAXO Related K2 Items module to eliminate this thing. Now the module always uses keyword information only from database.

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