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Update RAXO All-mode PRO J3.x v1.5

We believe this module update will significantly increase your efficiency especially for those who use module extensively on their sites. Key changes in this version are about source selection which we managed to make even more convenient and ergonomic for module users. New function that allows you to dynamically display Joomla articles from current category can skyrocket your productivity.

New features:


  • Columns layout now can work when loaded in an initially hidden container;
  • Module caching time by default is increased to 1 hour;
  • Fix for "Hide on article page" to work correctly with cache enabled;
  • Module description with helpful links (documentation and support)
    is moved to the first tab of the backend.
  • Some module parameters were renamed or changed to be more descriptive.
  • Module backend became more dynamic with "showon" field attribute to show/hide certain fields based on the state of a "parent" field (available starting with Joomla 3.2.4).
Automatically display Joomla articles depending on current category

We expanded Source Selection with "Current Category" option. So now when publishing the module in a certain category, the module automatically detects the current joomla category and displays articles only from it. This option is extremely useful when you place the module in several categories.

Module Source Selection

Let us explain. For example, on your site category page you want to add two information blocks - the latest Joomla articles in this category and popular articles in this category over the last year. You'll need two module copies to do this task.

But what if you have 12 categories, and you need to do the same for each of them? The previous module version would require you to set up 12 * 2 = 24 module copies. This module version simplifies this task immensely because you can fulfill this task with .... the same two (2) module copies. You just need to assign these modules to 12 category pages. So, the modules will automatically detect current category and display lists of popular and new Joomla articles depending on the category they are published in.

New filter to include/exclude selected categories

This filter gives you full control over module source selection, i.e selection of the area on your site where the module will look for Joomla articles to display.
This filter works with two source selection options:

Current Joomla category
  • Include - the module displays Joomla articles only from current category;
  • Exclude - the module displays Joomla articles from all other categories, excluding articles from current category.
Selected Joomla categories
  • Include - the module will search within only those categories you selected;
  • Exclude - the module will search within all other categories, excluding the categories selected.
Hide currently viewed article

Remove current Joomla article

This option allows you to automatically remove currently viewed article from the list of Joomla articles displayed in the module. When your site visitor reads an article you can offer him a list of other articles for reading. And it's not reasonable to include currently viewed article in this list, right? Besides, this is beneficial from SEO point of view to avoid articles linking to themselves.

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