Different sizes of thumbnails for same article

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Different sizes of thumbnails for same article

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I'm redesigning my Joomla site, and looking into your module and have following question.

On my frontpage I want to have one leading story followed by 2 columns for the rest of the front page stories.
What I'm looking for/wondering if your module can do, is to make one large thumbnail for the leading story, say 250 pixels wide, but when a new leading story are published this first one will automatically change the size of the thumbnail to 150 pixels when this story are shown in one of the columns.

Hope I made my self clear?

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Re: Different sizes of thumbnails for same article

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Yes, our module works the way you described. Newer articles appear on the top, and the former top article goes down and becomes a regular article with new (in your case smaller) thumbnail size.

More over, you can publish several module copies on your site pages. And you can set different thumbnail size for different module copies and everything will work fine.
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