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Artisteer templates

Post by margot »

Hi, came across your very nice estension and was wondering if it works with Artisteer templates.

I know nothing about CSS so if I need to mess about in the code of my templates your extension would not work for me.

Thanks for your help and best wishes
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Re: Artisteer templates

Post by Lisa »

Our module goes with its own templates which include own CSS files responsible for the design.
Usually it happens this way: you install our module, and it starts working immediately and looks exactly the same way as here

But module works within your site template and inherits its rules. And if you use good quality site templates, module works perfectly right out of the box.

But what we know about Artisteer is that its CSS code interferes with anything you add to your site. So Artisteer site template CSS overwrites some styles in our module template CSS, e.g. font size or color of titles or links, indents or margins.
We have plenty of our clients that use Artisteer with similar problems, and we helped them to fix these issues.
So it's not a big deal to fix that If you have basic understanding of CSS.
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