Can I pick the exact articles I want (not category/section)?

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Can I pick the exact articles I want (not category/section)?

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I want to know if I can do that?

Scenario (in my head)

1— I go in joomla administration - article Manager and I can select this, this and this article (Whatever section/category they are) I click a button and boum I can choose them for your front module and give them granular time of display and other settings

2— go in some kind of component. where you can select article ( with preview) and do the same thing. But here you got all the article that are already in the front display (with preview) and their settings — One control panel and all the power

3— You make or go to an article, press an editor button That mark that article for the front display with all settings.

Can your component link to a menu item?
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Re: Can I pick the exact articles I want (not category/secti

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Can I pick the exact articles I want (not category/section)?
Yes, you can
Questions 1 - 3
Not exactly. It goes another way:

Let’s imagine you have some articles from different categories; the articles are published.
  1. You go to the module and set Sourse Selecton -> Article IDs
  2. Insert ids of the articles in the field “Article IDs”
  3. Put other settings (e.g. what other fields to display – title, image, hits….) and choose the template (different templates have different design).
The module will display the articles you selected no matter to what category they belong to.

The module doesn’t have settings for publishing time etc. But these are a standard feature of Joomla Content Component. When editing articles you can fill in the fields: Created Date, Start Publishing, Finish Publishing; and they will be used by the module.
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