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Re: Main differences between Raxo Allmode Pro 1.4 and 1.9

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chgeiselmann wrote: Jun 11, 2020 1:01 am I would like to understand what are the main developments in Raxo Allmode Pro since then (i.e. from 1.4 to 1.9).
I am now going to create a new Joomla 3.9 site. Would the old Raxo Allmode Pro 1.4 still do the job there? Or should I expect issues?
You definitely need to upgrade to the latest version of the module. During this time, both Joomla itself and our module have changed a lot, as well as most hosting services switched to the modern version of PHP 7.3 - 7.4 (which also requires improvements in terms of compatibility).

You can familiarize yourself with the main module changes for all this time on our Blog:
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