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Update for RAXO Load Module Positions

This plugin is growing in popularity, and we got some requests from people who want to use this plugin with K2 component. We are adding K2 support with this update! Now RAXO Load Module Position plugin can add module positions to Joomla article pages and to K2 item pages.

New features:

  • K2 Component supported.
    able to create up to 3 module positions on K2 item pages:
    before, after & inside K2 item content.


K2 Component Supported

Since now you can apply this plugin both on sites that use core Joomla content component and on K2 sites. With this plugin you'll be able to create up to 3 module positions on K2 item pages:

  • after K2 item title;
  • inside K2 item text;
  • after K2 item text.
Detailed Instruction "How to use it"

One more important message for our clients. Though the plugin is pretty simple and easy to use, we want you avoid any inconvenience at all. So we created an instruction that describes in details how plugin works and how you can implement it on your Joomla website.

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