Latest News and Extension Updates

Update RAXO All-mode PRO J3.x v1.6

In contrast to our usual updates with lots of new features and improvements, this module release is laconic. However, this is a recommended update that cannot wait because it provides a fix for module class suffix application.

New Features:


  • Fix for cases when Module Class Suffix is not assigned.

Special class names to expand design options

In this module version we added special class names for items in all built-in layouts. You can use these class names to create different design or mark out in some other way some items from the list of items in the module output. Joomla developers will highly appreciate these new features.

Special class name for featured items

Now all items marked as featured in Joomla administration panel have class name .allmode-featured. By using this class name you can easily assign your own CSS rules for features items to highlight them among the other items in the module.

This is very useful if you want this:

  • Increase the visibility of featured items with bigger title or title of another color;
  • Make different background or border for featured items;
  • Attract attention to featured items by increasing spaces around.

Individual class names for items depending on category ID

Sometimes when you display items from different categories in one module list you want to mark item depending on the category they belong to. To accomplish this task the new class name .allmode-category-idXX assigned to each items will be very handy.

So, how you can use that:

  • Now your news can have category labels of different colors;
  • Assign unique design for items depending on category.