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Whether you create news website or online magazine or personal blog — RAXO news module + Prime module layout are the best things for your Joomla site.

Before creating the new module layout we analysed most popular trends in website design and studied lots of news sites and top selling news/magazine site templates. As a result, we got an obvious and clear picture of what should be done. We followed the huge trend of using big images with titles and text overlaying them. This is an eye-catching and smart way to promote your articles. Large images with bold typography tell instant story what your article or news is about.

Best Selling Wordpress Themes Already Use Similar Layouts

Since Wordpress is a bigger market, we analysed it in the first place. The majority of popular and top selling Wordpress themes in Newspaper and Magazine category already use similar layouts to promote important/featured/latest news in the header of the site.

You can make sure for yourself - see some examples in the pictures below.

Publisher WP Theme Sahifa WP Theme Newspaper WP Theme Jannah WP Theme Soledad WP Theme

Make Your Joomla Site Cool with Prime

Now you can use the same approach in Joomla. All you need is RAXO All-mode PRO module and Prime layout. You'll easily display latest, popular, featured articles in this trendy look. We talk about headers, as it’s the best place for Prime layout. Yet you can use Prime in any module position on your site - in content area, in sidebar, in footer.

RAXO Prime is very flexible and responsive module layout. It is easy to customize just in the module administration panel (no code changes needed!).

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