Latest News and Extension Updates

RAXO All-mode PRO J3.x v1.8

The issue with bugless extenstions is that everything works great and basically no updates needed. That's why we have to come up with something new. This update will bring you one big new feature and a range of little module improvements.

New features:


  • MySQL query caching time reduced to 1 minute;
  • Hard-coded non-localized texts are removed from Default layout;
  • Increased image size (up to 960 pixels) of default images;
  • Smooth transition effect for link hover in all layouts;
  • Added integer filter attribute to some of the fields in the manifest XML file;
  • RAXO Default is now used as module layout by default.

Show TOP Items in new Bricks Layout

With this module release all built-in layouts have the same two-part structure of TOP and normal items. Bricks layout gets TOP items support which gives you more flexibility and variations of awesome display. Now you can show your important items in a beatiful left-right alignment grid.

Show TOP Items in new Bricks Layout

More semantic <article> HTML5 tag is used to specify items

We are always focusing on building something that looks good, but also we want it done right. That is why we're switching to tag <article> which was introduced with HTML5. The reason is that <article> tag has a more specific semantic meaning than faceless <div> tag.

Module Update Notifications in your Joomla!

Now the module uses Joomla! Update System to notify users about new updates when they are released.

Notificate Users about new Module Versions