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It's time for the next popular RAXO module to become Joomla 4 compatible. Please meet and enjoy the release of RAXO Related Articles J4 v2.00. Sure, automatic migration is provided in this version to make your transition to Joomla 4 simple and smooth.

RELEASE: RAXO Related Articles J4 - version 2.00

New features:


  • Thumbnail cache folder changed to /images/thumbnails/raxo/rrla/;
  • Localization files (DE, EN and RU) significantly improved and expanded to make module user experience clear and easy-to-follow.

More friendly module administration interface

We believe you will like using the new module administration panel that matches Joomla 4 UI. The improved and responsive module interface is much more user-friendly and looks great on any device.

Module Admonistration Panel


Automatic Migration from 3.x to 4.x

Migration to Joomla 4 can be hard for many extensions, yet it’s not the case with RAXO. Our goal was to make the migration smooth and automatic for our clients. We care for you so we made sure that all settings for all RAXO module instances are not lost. So we created an installation script that detects and automatically updates your RAXO Related Articles J3.x version to the new module compatible with Joomla 4. Migration from RAXO Related Articles J3.x

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