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UPDATEs for both RAXO Related Modules

We have just released new versions of RAXO Related Articles J3 and RAXO Related K2 Items J3.
This update is especially recommended for those who plan to migrate to Joomla 4 later.

UPDATE: RAXO Related Articles J3 - version 1.10
UPDATE: RAXO Related K2 Items J3 - version 1.08

New features:


  • The thumbnail cache folder has been changed to:
    RAXO Related Articles: /images/thumbnails/raxo/rrla
    RAXO Related K2 Items: /images/thumbnails/raxo/rrlk
  • Localization files have been significantly improved and expanded to make interaction with the module clear and intuitive.

Added Support for WebP Images

WebP is a modern image format that provides improved lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Although it has been on the web for quite some time, it is only recently that all major web browsers have implemented support for this format. Since the perspectives have improved, we have added support for WebP images to RAXO modules for both local and external site images.