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Update for RAXO All-mode PRO J2.5
RAXO All-mode PRO J2.5 v2.3

This month we've been working hard to improve RAXO news module and provide more features for our existing and future customers. We hope our efforts will be appreciated, as we did our best to surpass your expectations with the new version.

New features:


  • Transparent PNG Images Supported
    Thumbnails can be created from png images with transparent background color.
  • Ordering by Rating
    If some articles have the same rating value, the article with higher number of votes go first.
  • Correct link to login page
    When you show short intros of access restricted articles, not authorised users will be redirected to login page.
  • Rating Stars
    Some small fixes based on W3C recommendations
  • Some code improvements.

For full information about all changes see in our CHANGELOG.

How to Update?
Information about how to update your RAXO All-mode PRO J2.5 module can be found in this INSTRUCTION on our Support Forum.We strongly recommend everyone to make a full backup of your site files and database before new version installation.

Significantly Changed Module Core

Starting with this module version we decided to stop using internal Joomla generic articles content model. We needed a faster, more lightweight and flexible solution, which could preserve current module functionality and at the same time could offer great potential for further development.

Module Core

That's why the module core was totally rewritten, and now we have the following advantages:

  • Lighter database queries are dependent directly on the module settings. It means the following. If you display just several fields (e.g. date, title and image), the module takes only this data set from the database, nothing more. This provides a significant reduction in your overall database load. As a result, current module version has improved performance which makes your site faster and responsive.
  • What's great about this new model is that it nicely balances flexibility and scalability. This will let us implement new features in the module easily and efficiently. Feel free to leave your ideas in feature request topic.
Comment System Supported

On our forum we got numerous requests for comment support in the module. Today we are happy to announce that this longed-for feature is now implemented and ready to use. RAXO team plays big. Since there is no clear leader, we decided to add support for FIVE MAJOR COMMENT SYSTEMS running for Joomla 2.5.

Comment System

Two New Article Ordering Options

The list of possible ordering options has been extended by two more variants.

  • Most Commented
  • Latest Commented

Actually, the names speak for themselves, we just want to remind you that these options work together with all other module features.

For instance, you can display lists of the most discussed articles on your site with our cool design and variable fields such as thumbnail, title, date, intro, author etc.

As an another example you can show the list of your products or works that have been recently commented by site visitors.

Well, these are just two simple ways you can use the new options. We hope that the variety of ordering variants provided by the module will help you to list articles in the order you want them to be.

Update is Free for Our Clients
Clients who purchased RAXO All-mode PRO J2.5/J1.7/J1.6 get this update by email. We start delivering the new version immediately. Please, be patient, everyone will get it within several days. Don't forget to check your email (including spam folder).